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Carops is Liberalia's founder, and hence its oldest member. His activity on the forum has been fairly continutous since leading the Christmas Revolution to form Liberalia in December 2005. Since then he has twice served as Prime Minister, and for four months, served as Defence Minister, a role in which he seems to be comfortable, and which is suitable, given his founder status. He is no longer an active regional member, although he has retained a low-key presence in the region, since leaving in December 2006.

Region: Liberalia
Motto: "Ifrenon te eda triân ?"
Map: No Map
Language|Official Language(s): Standard Caropsyne
Capital: Fornænda
Population: 2.861 billion
Currency: Standard Carops Credit
Leader: Dr. Phodric Dormond
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML


Short History in Liberalia

Carops founded Liberalia on 20th December 2005 with Loslakia and Ardalia in the event most commonly known todays at the Christmas Revolution. At first, Carops continued to claim the seat of the Prime Minister of WWSETI, but when it became apparently that reunification was not going to happen and that Liberalia had developed into a greater region in its own right, this claim was dropped. Shortly after the formation of Liberalia, elections were announced and held as soon as possible, in which Carops stood as the Centrist Party candidate. Carops was victorious and remained Prime Minister until February 2006, when new elections were called. Carops could have chosen to stand again, and would probably have been victorious again, but felt that the region needed a new change and that he had served his time. This led to the election of Carops' close friend and ally, Farlane, as Prime Minister.

Under the Farlane administration, Carops served as Foreign Minister, and was somewhat vocal in opposing the WWSETI Protectorate situation, arguing that Liberalia had no obligation to defend WWSETI from Typing and co. Similarly, he continued to be active across the region. At the end of Farlane's term, with the possibility of Julio Trigman seizing the position of Prime Minister, Carops enterrred the ring again, but this time much more unsure of his base of support. A very vicious and unpleasant election campaign followed, generally regarded in Liberalia as the worst in regional history, in which both candidates fought and fought for the upper hand. In the end, Carops became Prime Minister again with considerable support, although it was a very close race. It later emergaed, however, that Julio Trigman had engaged in active electoral fraud to try to take the position.

Second Term in Government

The Second Carops Government was one of the most controversial of Liberalia's governments. It began with claims from the Capitalist Party, who had opposed his re-election, that the vote had been rigged, claims which although disproved, continued to be heard throughout the government. Political arguments continued to rage as Carops announced his new government, and revolutionised Liberalia's ministry system to the state it is currently in, which has remained ever since. However, the right was furious that its members barely featured in government at all, following the nasty election campaign and divisive issues which had continued to separate left and right in the region. This led to the formation of the Advisory Committee, which was designed to give a voice in government to parties which had not otherwise been included in the governing of the region, such and the Capitalists, and members of the Third Party Coalition. However, the demands of the committee for greater powers and representation led to Carops declaring that the government would not recognise the committee, before subsequently dissolving it completely. And so, the political warfare continued, up until the trial of Northern Sushi.

Northern Sushi Affair

Northern Sushi was placed under trial by Carops' government for treason against Liberalia and was found guilty by what some on the right considered to be a biased Guardian Council. It was also thought it some circles at this time that, with Farlane as Director of Public Prosecutions, Carops had engineered the system to remove political enemies, with the possibility of a secured conviction. The right wing, which was at its most powerful during this era, continually came into conflict with Carops' government. At the beginning of the Northern Sushi trial, Julio Trigman was removed as a Guardian for a bias which the rest of the Guardian Council believed he had in Northern Sushi's favour. However, this was seen on the right as an attempt to remove the only member of the Council who may have defended Northern Sushi and hence ensure a biased court. Julio Trigman's later attempts for Guardian were all prevented.

Internal Problems under the Carops Government

Following weeks of political fighting, the region was in some trouble. The development of an "Us against Them" mentality, which had come into play as a result of the vicious policies of the Capitalist Party towards others, and the divisive nature of Carops' reforms and leadership, meant that the region was basically in two camps. Carops attempted to alleviate this situation with his famous speech on "Letting Bygones by Bygones," on 19th May which led to a rocketing in his personal popularity. This tempered the ejection of Northern Sushi, following his trial, and the tampering of his account to show pictures of Carole Vorderman, combined with his mock-crowning as Miss Liberalia, and also the Moderator action taken against Casaibian, who was later discovered to be a spy placed in Liberalia by MOIS Norad. Aside from the bannings of these people, the Carops government also refused Loslakia permission to re-enter the region, when it emerged that he was still being dishonest. This was generally seen as fair, despite the fact that regional opinion polls supported welcoming him back.

All in All, the Second Carops Government was mostly successful, and was a period of great reform in Liberalia in regards to legislation, ministerial structure, political systems, and the general mood within the region. Those who remember this period either describe it as one of Liberalia's "Golden Ages" or as a less pleasant period. This is an exmaple of the divisive nature of Carops' presence in Liberalia and his appeal to regional members. At the end of it, people either celebrated his achievements or his departure from office.

Under RTI's Government

Under the Government of Random Textbox Inputs, Carops was Defence Minister and is thought to have played a key part in the discussions in going to war against MOIS Norad, an event which defined the RTI government. Carops also assisted Timberlake is attacking MOIS Norad member regions on various forums against similar attacks directed against Liberalia. This led to the famous division of the RTI cabinet, and ultimately to Four Hectares leaving Liberalia in anger. However, accusations that Carops was ruling Liberalia as a dictator himself and that RTI was his puppet continued for some time. Virtually all of Liberalia's Prime Ministers, with possibly the exception of Soccersian have been accused of being Carops' puppet at some point, because they often agree with him. During this period, he wrote the "Banning of External Spies Act", which considerably helped him to do his job.

Under the Coalition Government

Carops served as Defence Minister under the Coalition Government. He was famous for continuing to upholf the same policies he had in his previous posting there, banning Caldari's puppet Vyyk and puppets of both Julio Trigman and Atholon from the region. He placed a Traffic Ban upon The Serenade, preventing any traffic to Liberalia and was generally oppposed to totally lifting it, when Fernetti suggested it. Carops was considered to have played a leading role in overthrowing the Coalition Government by helping to organise the mass-resignations of government officials which led to Soccersian's downfall. He himself resigned from Defence, although he was later offered the job back after Fernetti took sole leadership of the region, and accepted.

Guardian Council

Carops has been a member of the Guardian Council since its creation and holds one of the two remaining original permanent seats, along with Ardalia. He has stood in most of the recent trials, although was accused by Julio Trigman of having exhibited a biased attitude to Northern Sushi in his trial. This has not been proven. Carops has been known to champion the rights of the judiciary to be independent of government and attacked Soccersian's attempts to sideline and overrule the Guardian Council in order to persue his own private investigations.

Defence Ministry

Carops served as Defence Minister for some time in Liberalia. He served continuously after June 2006, from the government of Random Textbox Inputs onwards, except for the brief period during the Coalition Government in which he resigned in protest against Soccersian's policies, only to return to the job after Fernetti took power.

Fishyguy Government

Carops was a leading critic of the Libertarian government under Fishyguy, who he made secret of personally disliking. The Publication of the infamous "Rise of the Right Part II" article by Carops led to his sacking as Defence Minister of the Region, having accused the Fishyguy government of being inactive and slanderous. Carops continued to oppose the government's attempts to remove welfare and social services legislation from the Liberalian Statute Book, and oppose Libertarian rule in general. Bitter arguments ensued, in which Carops made clear that he believed the Libertarians had been responsible for the region's decline, and chose to leave the region, citing the abuse he had received from right-wing members as the principle reason.

Since then, Carops has not taken part in regional politics, nor has he engaged in the parliament of the region. He has returned to Liberalia recently, but only takes part in limited roleplay, discussions on religion, and the regional University. He has made no secret of his displeasure at the way in which Liberalia has turned out and is fairly inactive.

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